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Moving people

it is now a quarter past seven in the morning, just came home.
i am feeling terrible tired right now. from one o'clock till half past three i helped a friend to carry his stuff from his flat in the third floor and the storage room in the basement to the van ...
always up down up down lifting weight that made my back ache.
than going home to tired to sleep. shaking from exaustion, feeling sick - beeing forced to admit that i am still ill. that the antibiothic that pulse through my body may heal my fever but also weaken me.
sometime after four o'clock i managed to sleep. just to get a wake up call one and half an hour later - to drive Patrick home after he had delieverd the van - and to carry the leftover (like his clothes and his table ware - and most important his pc) to the car and up into my flat where he will live from now on.
right now i am coughing again. my doctor would be quite mad.
but - that is what friends are for, aren't they?

still i wonder what living with him will be like.
i will find out but right now i am trying to stay awake for my date with Elfy.
we have an appointment for eight o'clock.
to play.
we are completely crazy.
last week we played every day. one day almost eleven hours.
it was great.
but i think - no i KNOW it is an obession. the only thing i do not know is if i shall try to break free.
but than again ... i don't think i will try.
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