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Ein Portraitspiel Teil 3b

Mr. Stripes Mr. Stripes

second try

Well I started whining yesterday and now some people may ask: what the heck did she change anyway?
Well ... I guess he has now something like a face (the picture I used as a reference wasn't too clear) and there is a little bit more darkness to it.
These little spots that give a pic some depth and in fact help to bring it to life.

On the other hand this is still not what I wanted. When I saw the pic (the original photo) I instantly decided: that is it - maybe I wanted to much.

But now (after I have calmed down a little) I can say that it is okay (how could it not with that motif *g*?).

But I will put away that sketchpad. It was supposed to be a good one (from one of the leading papermanufactions) but the paper is ... not too smooth (I like smooth paper and crunchy peanut-butter - not at one time but ... useless Information *g*) but like it is coated with something (f.e. invisible peanut-butter to come back to the topic).
The funny thing is that I usually draw on "everything" - printing paper, cheap stuff.
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