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random thoughts...

Tanjas glasses have been broken tonight. None of the “evil doers” has an insurance.

I realised that I have no clue where all the papers for my insurance are. Everyone who knows me knows that I collect paper. ...irgs

Tanja says she likes my flat.

Wholewheat bread is supposed to be healthy. Green is supposed to be healthy. Nonetheless green bread is not considered healthy (not by me).

Tonight I had 4 and a half hours of sleep. I am acting a little strange today.

I bought for Ben the book Elfy wanted to give to him “Art of rope”. Stupid.

I got a necklace from Helen, the one I wore on her wedding. Beautiful.

My back hurts terrible. Last night I had a bit of a discussion with one of the guys from the club who wanted to tell me that it is no good as long as it does not hurt. Dear darling ... Never let him touch me again when I suspect only a tender girl in my back and not a bouncer of almost twice your height and three times your strength. Outch. Well my hurting back is no direct result of that “attack” but it reminded me of it.

I love it when the sun lays like a orange pudding on the Weißhausstr. In the morning when I go to work .

Our Chief-Designer has a new haircut - a flowerpowerlongtimesurvivor has turned into a roman imperator look-a-like.
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