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So, that random lyrics guessing même. Snatched from oloriel

1) On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first 20-40 on the list.
2) Write down a random lyric.
3) Let everyone guess what song (and artist!) the lines come from.
4) Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1) Call me up, baby, and I will answer your call / Call me up but remember I am no use to you at all reingehört von shlemihl = Nick Cave sein: Still in Love

2) wäre Mendelssohn, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in E Minor, OP. 64Allegro molto appassionato gewesen ...

2b) kuroi hitomi no oku shinpi ni michita hohoemi wo ukaberu / himei to tomo ni nagareru kurushimi wo mitsumete guessed by blutsauger = X Japan: Rose of pain (Congrats :-))

3) I want to hunt with the tameless heart / want to learn the wisdom of mountains afar guessed by oloriel and almost by eiseskaelte = Nightwish - Sacrament of Wilderness

4) Wir hatten keine Segel, wir hissten einen Sack / und alle Welt bestaunte uns mit ihrem klugen Schnack (ich glaub, das ist die größte Schote) Schote oder nicht ... guessed by blaufeuer = Achim Reichel - Es Ging Langsam Voran

5) Walking up behind her I could see her face grow cold / I said "A gipsy's curse is on you and on everything you hold"

6) It's what you forget, what you forget that kills you / It's what you remember, what you remember that makes you guessed by oloriel = Manic Street Preachers - Emily

7) There were those that came to power, through domination./ They were bonded in their worship of a dead man on a cross.

8) Siehst du mich, wenn meine Zeit anbricht / dann wird der Himmel blühn und tausend Engel ziehn guessed by morfeusz and a submarine :-) = Unheilig: Damian

9) We shall never give in the pain / I'm drowning into your eyes

10) Why punish me, why bring me sorrow / you angel of grief

11) All the emotions that we suppress / Bite our tongues until it's too late

12) It's time and we're in each other's arms / It's time but I don't think we really care guessed by oloriel and shlemihl Ultravox, Dancing with tears in my eyes sein

13) ist instrumental von Rob Dougan

13 b) To hell with Jesus Christ / Death needs no compromise Die Gruppe ist ]:SITD:[

14) Medwyn Goodall Orchid poison - no words

14b) Und der Hoffnung tief im Blick / Aufzustehen auch aus dem Dreck known by jul_steele = Lacrimosa: Stolzes Herz

15) weil auch du ein Ausweg warst / der die Seele trifft

16) flowers around us / they bow for our love

17) i'm saying nothing for the good of myself / but I'm still talking and you're not listening

18) The scars you left in flesh and soul won’t be so soon to fade / Or would I had your coward heart beneath my naked blade guessed by oloriel Battle Dawn von Mercedes Lackey

19) Despierta mis instintos / Intimida mi cuerpo

20) We are not alone, but we are left by ourselves / We thirst for water, we hunger for a bite to eat

Unlike oloriel I have more than enough songs in my playlist. It contains some 8.000 tracks Edit: es sind 18.000 ürgs edit ende (hehe). But I was quiet suprised when I picked these random 20 songs. And ... in fact a bit ... embarassed. So ... here we go have fun - and do NOT laugh at me :-)
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