Zorn (zorn) wrote,

Dead enough for life

Dead Enough For Life

Icon Of Coil

Prove and disprove
Efficiency of prayer
Supposed to be harmless
Can never get enough

I’m the three-head watchdog
This, my revelation
My only decease
A manifest of life

If I could reach through, catch you
Make you understand
If I’m not dead enough for life
Am I alive enough for death?

A gift from the unknown
Promises they gave us
Rejection of faith
An eye for this purpose

Emotional images
Drawn with a single line
Our methods are unsound
A life I cannot offer
I cannot offer

Ich glaube, ich weiß inzwischen, was Dead enough for life bedeutet.

Erschreckend, wie tot manche Leute sein müssen, für das Leben, das sie leben.
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