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Story for Elfy - to say thanx

Once there were dragons. Big mighty dragons. Most of them were male because most dragons are male. Would it be the other way around we would not be here today because our ancestors had become a source of energy and protein for the ever increasing population of dragons before they could have fathered our great-great-great-grandparents.
But now the story.
Although most dragons are male some are female (they have to - I do NOT have to tell you about bees and flowers and where the little dragons come from ... have I?).
With your eyes you could not see the difference between the sexes. The differences are mainly within the body. Spare me the details - you do not want to hear about a vagina sized like a barn’s door, do you?
But there is one characteristic one can always tell the dragon’s sex by: If the dragon asks for a virgin it is a male. If the dragon asks for a sexually inexperienced boy - it is a female (or a gay male but dragons prefer not to talk about that). To know that is important.
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