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Sophia has reached the Billboard Singles Charts and debuted at #1 on the Dance Chart (by sales) and #7 on the Singles Chart (by sales).
But that's (almost) nothing compared to what happend today.

Sophia was played by DJ Kämpfer in LaLic.

That makes Sophia the first single that was played at that famous club within the year of its release. And more. Within two and a half months after its release it was played.

I can hardly believe that it really happend. And ... easily. I handed Kämpfer my copy and he played it when the song he was playing at that moment had ended. And even more more! He played the extended version "Here I am - Clubmix" version. Over 7 minutes long. Whoee!

After that it did not matter anymore that he crossfaded (well tried to crossfade) Happy fucking birthday into The Cure's Lovesong.

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