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There's an evil moon outside, my Lord!

That was something.

Me I never sat on my balcony, dressed in sweater and winter coat, covered with a blanket in a lawn chair and watches the moon disappear.

There were some ragged clouds in the sky but most of the time I only sat there and enjoyed it.

After the earth shadow laid fully over the moon's pale face it turned red. She must be embarrassed I guess :-)

It wasn't simply red it seemed to glow. It was beautiful but I can imagine that people in former times saw forebodings of evil in an eclipse.

I remember the last solar eclipse on the 11th of August in 1999. We were sitting on the top of a hill (me and some friends), drinking wine, nibbling some cheese and french bread. We had a beautiful view from there. The landscape was somewhat rural, some streets cut the land in neat quarters and some house where visible. Cars were visible in the distant, but up there it was silent (besides some chatter ... - chatting like in talking to people, no PC involved).

Then the shadow came. We could see it coming. It was a sharp line between light and darkness. And it was coming towards us. The same time the sun turned black.
It was almost frightening.
When the shadow reached us it was not completely dark but it was like before sunset - enough light that you still knew where everything was but ... dark.
The thing nobody had told us before of was the cold.
The moment it became dark the temperature dropped several degrees. The end of the world... (that was how you imagined it before we all learned about global warming and things).

It was a terribly good thing when the shadow ended and the warm summer day returned.

It was terrifying but wonderful all the same.

Tonight the feeling was not that strong - but still.

I am glad I saw it.
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