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I did ...

a website and a leaflet for the fantasy club I am in (note: fantasy as in Tolkien, not as in kinky :-))

All the stuff you need (some information, some leaflets, some pics) were removed from the webside that hosted it for some years now. And why? Because some guys are unable to communicate.


So I tried to come up with a new home for my beloves FC (well neither Chelsea nor Cologne). It stole my weekend (I did manage to go swimming and dancing, but most of the time I spent infront of my PC ...).

If somebody wants to have a look: http://www.zornige-werke.de/fantasyvereinev/ - I would be grateful if somebody had any ideas for improvements (but keep in mind that my knowledge is limited when it come to html and such).

There is a link to the leaflet (http://www.zornige-werke.de/fantasyvereinev/dokumente/follow_infoheft.pdf) elfy helped me with - if someone wants to have a look.
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