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Two sides of the story

Strange thing indeed.
Yesterday Hajo phoned. He often does and usually I don't pick up the phone. It's fun most of the time to talk to him, he boasts about his gothic sex life, all the hilarious things he and his friends do at parties (in public of course) - and I don't believe a word he says. It's entertainment - but you must be prepared to spend about an hour listening to him.
Yesterday I laid in back, hardly able to speak (sour throat) and said to myself: better than napping anyways.
He told about his ass (his favourite subject) his legs (second in his list), his beautiful (female) friend (come close after the body parts) and all of a sudden we talked about Elfy's ass and strings.
He would have worn a string at the Kitkat's - if he had been there instead of Elfy.
That led me to an other question: how did he know anyways? And how did he know about my corset?
Easy: Sylke told him. She mocked about Elfy being half naked at the Kitkat's. She was even furious, he said.
And he wanted to know from me where I got the closing device (kann mir jemand sagen, was Korsettschließe auf Englisch heißt - und wieso ich schon wieder Englisch schreibe? :)) for my corset.

Later I talked to Sylke. I tried to bring up the subject Hajo.
She never mentioned that she had talked to him again. Last thing I know is: she detests him for being exhibitionistic. They had a love affair many years ago. She hates him for saying: "Well I could wear that female's dress with much more elegance..."
She did not tell me, that they talked about the Kitkat.
She told me that he never mentioned the devices (ya know ... die Korsettschließen) to her. She said he wanted her to sew him a corsett.
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