Zorn (zorn) wrote,

Failure - first try

elfy and I tried the pen tablet.
It looks great, but my graphic board is far too old. Last update 2004, ati does not support it anymore.
So the pen tablet works but the pen is not pressure sensitive - I had the same problem with my old graphire. I installed some new driver (although windows xp warned me not to ...) but haven't tried again after that, because there is another minor problem: the graphic board has only one adapter, so I can either run the tablet display or the monitor, and it got late yesterday so I didn't want to switch the devices again.

Tonight I will try if my notebook works any better with the wacom.
And if that does not work - I will ask lostinjapan to fix it on my "Bastelgeburtstag" - that should be a worthy enemy for him! :-)
Tags: computer
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