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Yesterday I visited my mother (like almost every thuesday). Usually we have supper than we work (prepairing a Website for her charity Shop most of the times ). Yesterday she had forgotten that I was coming over. She had nothing prepared for supper. I really didn 't mind. I felt ill and offered to return home. Instead we talked for quite a while about homes for the elderly (and handicaped people) in Thailand - a topic that moved her very much. Later she and her hubby invited me to a McDonald restaurant near their place. It was fun! My mom says she likes a burger now and then - but she does obviously not know the routine :-). When asked "Ketchup or mayonaise?" she wanted to know "How much is it?". When she heard "it 's free" she said "I take everything I can get!" Now my pocket is stuffed with little bags of sauces.
Mother never change. No matter how big you are, she is always on a mission to prevent that you starve.

With our meals we went to a table which my mother (with a smile) covered with napkins to make it look nicer. We sat there for over an hour chatting. It was so nice. No disputes, neither between me and my mom nor between my parents. We even talked about films - they don't like films they never go to the cinema or such! In the end my mother asked me to get her another drink and a straw (important). She wanted to have some Fanta with advocaat at home. I cannot say what irritates me more: the mixture, the straw or my mother looking foreward to drink alcohol :-)

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