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Going Hulk, or I am on the stamping ground ...

Think I would like to become a big green monster right now.
Not only did that stupid T-Shirt-Company not print and sent my design. No. My mail programm automatically labeled the mail in which they told me that there was a problem as "advertisment" and stored it away. I didn't find it until two days ago ... when it was originally sent before Christmas ... And NOW they are telling me that the problem is, that I might not own the rights to the picture I wanted them to print on a bloody T-shirt! Shall I call it flattering that they believe my drawing is "to good to be an amateur's work"?

But also did i put an old post stamp (worth 2,20) on a birthday/christmas-present - which should have been 2,40 (and it is that for month ...). Fortunately I put my adress on the envelope. Unfortunately the rubber stamp I used for that did not hit precisely at the right angle - it took the post sometime to find me with part of my name and house number missing. So now I am sitting here, feel ashamed while staring on a blue envelope. Grrrreat.
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