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Fanny thing about fanart

I usually do not do fanart.

I did some for LOTR (the book ☺) and one or two for a video game (well for a friend who happens to love that game). I forgot its name (I drew three guys with their pants down and open and in my mind that pic goes by the caption „The 3 dickies“.

I still remember having a lot of fun drawing the shoes).

I am totally not capable of drawing people from memory. I am totally not competent to make a person look the same the second time when I draw from imagination. By that I mean: ignoring facial hair, hairdos, scars, tattoos and piercings. I mean: features. (I once did a comic to prove to myself that I could draw a comic despite that fact. It was one of the hardest things I ever accomplished. I did things like that

to avoid faces).
That’s where fanart comes in. How can I possibly draw fanart (which is not a portrait from an existing photo) when I cannot draw faces looking like the person does?
Since I have a lot to draw that is not fandom based – that is not something that bothers me much. But lately I got a request do draw someone an illustration to a fanfiction. I started practising ☺ …
It will be two persons – one is quite easy to draw, handsome features, even beautiful, with not a lot of chancing expressions, but one is kinda hard to portrait. I think he is handsome but doesn’t care. Difficult. Lots of changing expressions. A gurner. Since I am a lazy person with a licence to google I decided to look for references of him being drawn by other artists.

Of course I got lost the second I entered “fanart” into the search box.
I came across a lot of fanart. Fanart in general. Fanart from all kinds of different fandoms. Some drawn very very good, a lot (lots of lots) not worth mentioning. But even the ones that were technically good or even brilliant done by people with skills I can only admire from afar) often didn’t look like the people they should portray.
I mean features.
They had the clothes, the haircut, the scar, the glasses, the T.A.R.D.I.S. in the background – but they could have been anyone dressed up as person xxx. Yet still a lot of fans loved these pics (me too ☺ - and these fanarts got a lot more love and attention than original art – sad thing).
So ... fanart does not mean I have to do a perfect portrait. So maybe I can do fanart! Maybe (most likely) I was simply thinking too much, reading too much into it.
But for now – I go and practice some more. Because for that said request I want features!

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