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Do elaborate

Students and dreams and the price you have to pay

Well I should not write this in English – would be better but I like to.
So anyway.

I believe (firmly) that studying is a privilege. Not for the rich but for the gifted, for those who hunger for knowledge, for those who seek answers.
I believe that nowadays there are a lot of fields of study NOBODY needs – to study.
Studying means depth, research, education in how to use your brain.

We have a very good education system in Germany. On-the-job- and off-the-job-education combine. Great thing. Your learn what you need to know to do your job.

Lots of English men wonder why we make a fuss about so many things one can easily pick up by doing.

You can only live your life not plan it (but that is something different again).

So back to students.

I believe that studying art is an economical nonsense. But art is about finding the roots, the true essence of something, about thinking and expression. Studying design means – learning to make something look good. To polish the surface regardless of the content. Where did we lose the rule: “form follow function”?
Do I have to carry it out more?

When I studied architecture there were more students to that “art” then there were apprentices wanting to become brick-layers. And those students I met during my study had the tendency to „look down“ on those ... with dirt on their hands.

I started to detest students than – when I witnessed girls boasting that they never worked on a building site (one of the requirements for the study) but had uncles, fathers, friends’s uncles and so on who testified for them.
Worst then that : they stated they would never do “dirty work”.

So, that’s why I said “I detest” students.

I detest those students who study, because they do not want to work.
I detest those students who cheat.
I detest those students who only study because they do not know what else to do.

I can cope with students who study for the glory of it.
I can cope with students who study for the money the want to earn later (but I do not want do give them aid money * G * )

I admire students who love their field of study.
I admire students who search for knowledge.
I admire students who take care for themselves.

I cannot stand whining brats who still live at Mama’s place but whimper that they have not enough money for the new Prada Spring Outfit.

So saying "I detest students" was a "simplification" and stupid. But in a certain way ... it was true also.

And ... now to facts: companies stop hiring MBAs or students with grades in BWL or VWL – and start to hire students of arts and humanities, BAs.
They believe that those students have learnt to think and to use their brains, to dare to explore new ways while the one with an exam in economics are narrow minded.

So, dare to dream!
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