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Name: Zorn
Years Roleplaying: 24 (So, since I'm 12)(don't believe it? Ask my brother!)
Favourite three characters? Changes from time to time. Shea is one of the all time favourites.The two others are Maik and Nic. But I like every chara I play a lot. And Zorn is definitivly one of my favourites too.
Least favourite character? Have none: If I do not like the chara I do not play him!
Male or female characters? Since years only males - but then I am a gamemaster and have to play all the females as well. But my females are ... strange ... to say the least.
Oldest character? Which is still active? Oh. Shea. Since 1985.
Newest character? Esra
Most popular character? Zorn, but Shea will be when I ever come to write the novel in which he stars.
Character you've never played but would like to? None - oooh, mrrrr, there is one. I would like to play a male "Geisha", a callboy who get involved in some sort of thriller. But not a cheap boy you pick up on the streets. I would not mind, if he lives in former times, maybe some very elegent play in Victorian Times, or ... even better a Baroque or Renaisance play :)

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
... Jump off a bridge? Finn.
... Get drunk and pass out? Cord.
... Kill someone in a very unorthodox way? Zorn
... Get married? Zorn (Girls like to get married :))
... Be far too hyper for their own good? Zorn
... Rape somebody? Marian
... Be raped? Pagan
... Get lung cancer? Maik (but he won't :)) (but I had one with TB in a fantasy game :) cough...)
... Star in a horror movie? Nic
... Star in a whore movie? Calan
... Star in a video game? Finn
... Make the world a better place? Shea
... Have a torrid gay love affair? llllllooooooads :)

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love: Maik
Hate: Rory O'Donehue
Money: Pagan
Seduction: Nic
Lies: Calan
Tragedy: Alex
Manipulation: Ambra
Violence: Zorn, Rory
Politics: Ambra
Fire: Atriniel
Ice: Felis

Would you ever...
... Play a prostitute? Sure (see above)
... Play a musician? Done :)
... Play an actor? Done :)
... Play a homosexual? Done :)
... Play a paedophile? Done :)
... Play a politician? Done :) (If you count kings in here :) I did it often!)
... Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? Done ...

Which of your characters...
- would be most useful on a desert island?

- would be found in a threesome? (For bonus points, include the other two!)
Marius with his sister and brother-in-law.

- would betray their best friends?
Marian (hihi)

- respond to a personals ad? (For bonus points, write one that they would write)
Maybe Thomas Bergen would write: Blind Architect seek someone for fence. You have the guts?

If all of your characters...
- were in a rock band, which instrument would each play?
All?? Thats tooooo much. Really.
Maik would play drums.
Nic would be the singer.
Zorn, who is deaf, would want to play drums or bass
Shea would play bass.
Rory would play Tin wistle.

- got in a fight, who would win?

- lived in your house, where would each one be normally found?
Shea in the children's room, playing with the kids
Maik would never be found in a house as long as he can be on board of a ship
Nic would be in the kitchen.
Zorn in bed.

- were to pair off with each other, who would the most likely couples be?
No, can not think of any.

If one of your characters... (name the character and then answer the question)
- wrote a novel, what would it be like?
Maik writes on about sailing :)

- could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go?
Shea back home :)
Maik to Bensersiel, where he is :), but besides he travels a lot (If you can reach it by boat he will get there!)

- had to sell their soul for something, what would it be?
Nic - for keeping his beloved one safe.

- had a definitive sandwich, as in it would be permanently named after them for the rest of time, what would it be?
Nic Vegetarian Soya-Sandwich with a dip of Cat-Grass!
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